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Bridge at the Edge

By Nomad - Posted on 20 December 2018

Why not join Barry and Mereana on the Bridge Zone Radio Show? Here is the link to today’s Bridge Zone Radio show.

Today we asking the hard questions. We're talking diet and nutrition · What's that got to do with Bridge? Well, Barry's found an article to share with you how raising the points of nutritional and exercise levels aids Bridge fitness ·Party at the Simpson's - how many years of Bridge playing under their roof last Saturday? · What gets your juices flowing? The peanut butter coup · Roll over Houdini. Norwegian Boye Brogeland and his book Bridge at the edge. The Thames Bridge Festival in January 2019 · Postcard from Scotland Professor of Sociology - Samantha Punch from Stirling University begins her sessions with us about general Bridge, her current Bridge projects and updates us on the Bridge Graduateship.