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The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 5

Law 14
Missing Card
When 1 or more hands are found to contain fewer than 13 cards, and no hand has more than 13, before the opening lead is faced, the Director should search for it and:
1. if the card is found, it is restored to the deficient hand
2. If not found, the Director re-constructs the deal by substituting a new pack.
The auction and play continue normally.

When 1 or more hands are found to contain fewer than 13 cards, and no hand has more than 13,at any time after the opening lead is faced, the Director should search for it and:

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 4

Law 13
Incorrect Number of Cards
When the Director determines that one or more hands in a board contained an incorrect number of cards and a player with an incorrect hand has made a 'call', then when the Director deems that the deal can be corrected and played, the 'call' stands. However, at the end of play the Director may award an adjusted score. Note that a 'call' includes a pass.

If play cannot be continued then the Director will award an adjusted score and may penalise an offender.

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 3

Law 10
Assessment of Rectification
When an irregularity has occurred, the Director alone has the right to determine rectifications. Players do not have the right to determine (or waive) rectifications. The Director may cancel any enforcement or waiver of a rectification made by players without his / her instructions.

Choices After an Irregularity Has Been Confirmed
When the Laws provide an option, the Director must explain all options available.

If a player has an option they cannot consult their partner when deciding which option to take.

Tournaments Coming Up Soon


The image above shows 4 members of the 6 person Putaruru Night Owls team playing in the TWITTS on every 4th Friday of the month. The two other members are Brenda Buckeridge and Rosemary Ward - only 4 of the 6 play on any given night. Wish us well for Round 5 on 28 July.

Tournaments happening near us in the near future are:

Saturday 22/7: Intermediate and Junior Pairs at Mount Maunganui.

Saturday 29/7: 5A All Grades Pairs at Matamata

Sunday 30/7: WAP`s at Tokoroa (All Grades)


Improving Your Play

Take a look at these two options for improving all aspects of your play:-

Best e Bridge
This is a web site which you have to subscribe to to get the best out of it but you can sign up for short free trial period to see if you like it. I have signed up for the yearly subscription which is approx. US$10 per month. I find it very good for improving all aspects of play and it is very easy to follow.

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2

Law 7
Control of Boards and Cards
It is a law of the game that every player counts their cards face down to ensure they have the correct number, and you must look at the faces of the cards before you bid! No player may ever touch another player's cards (apart from Declarer who may touch Dummy's cards) at any point unless the Director has given permission to do so.
At the end of play of each board, players must shuffle their cards, put them back in their slot and not touch them again unless a member of each side or the Director is present.

Law 8
Sequence of Rounds

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge

Hi everyone,
as I have already indicated, I think it would be good to examine the Laws of Bridge so over the next wee while I will have a go at doing just that. If nothing else it will help me study for my Directors exam.
There are 93 Laws in total, some of these are very detailed and some tell us things we already know well so I will focus on the complicated ones more. So here we go:

Law 1
Law 1 explains the pack of cards, the rank of cards and suits. Hopefully we all know this!

Law 2

Putaruru Club News

Hi All
some random goings on at Putaruru:

We are currently transitioning the role of Treasurer from Ross Provan to Brenda Buckeridge.

Eileen Barker has taken over responsibility for being the main scorer from Ross Provan.

What is Ross Provan doing I hear you ask?! I will be keeping the website updated and still directing on a Monday night.

Please note that the handicaps have been re-done for the second half of the year - the new handicaps have been entered into the computer and there should be a paper copy on display at the club on Monday 10 July.

Changes to The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

Today I attended a session at Matamata going over the main changes to the Laws, which come into force on 1 August 2017.

Unless you have studied the Laws previously, the changes will not really have any direct effect on you but you may notice some different rulings when the Director is called.

Lots of Laws have been changed to a greater or lesser extent but the most significant ones are to Law 23 - this is essentially a new Law with the previous content under Law 23 being removed and included within Law 72C.


After a 7 year gap ... Tokoroa are returning to the tournament scene. They host a round of the popular Waikato Area Pairs series (The WAPS) on Sunday 30 July. It is a walk-in event - arrive between 9.30 to 9.45 to be guaranteed a place. The cost for a day's bridge is just $10. Their club is at the Tokoroa Club, Chamber St, Tokoroa. Play will be in the Red Room on the first floor. There is a flight of stairs and no lifts. The Tok Club are offering a WAP lunch menu at $12. Choose from: Ham steak/fish and chips/chicken schnitzel - all served with fries and salad.

Usually the WAPS are not open to the BOP clubs. However, on this occasion a special dispensation has been given and EVERYONE is welcome to attend this heat and welcome Tokoroa Bridge Club back to the tournament fold.

Billets are available to those travelling from further afield. Contact Gary and Jude Cuttriss on 022 365 3295

Support them if you can - they look forward to greeting you.